Bugs & Features

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I found this picture in the web and it made me smile, as I have translated the statement “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature” several times in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation jobs. 
You know, when the developer of something has to “market” some not-exactly-positive-or-appreciated aspect of his/her creation and describes it as a feature, to state that it was done on purpose and is not a mistake or an undesired factor.
That’s what I thought: while listening to the speaker, I realized that that word – feature – was hiding the notion of “bug” or “error”, I was aware of the meaning of the sentence. This enabled me to understand the message the speaker wanted to convey: in some cases the speaker just wanted to sort of embellish the aspect he was mentioning, to pretend it was an improvement; in some other cases, though, he wanted the audience to understand that the term “feature” ironically meant “bug”. 
Of course it is easier to understand if you know what the feature/bug is about, if you know the truth about the subject.
Once again, it is so important to know what/who you are translating (and to understand humor, very often)!
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