Interpreting or Translation?

Spoken or written? Find the differences between interpreting and written translation explained here.

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Beyond words

In order for a translation to be effective, it is necessary to understand the meaning beyond the text to be translated. This is the only way to provide the reader/user with a translation that actually works.


Establishing a direct contact between translator and client is the key to a successful translation! Straightforward and clear communication prevents misunderstanding and makes it possible to find the best solution for a translation.


foto profiloHi, let me introduce myself, I’m!
Behind there’s me: Sara Borchiellini, a Freelance Interpreter and Translator.
I am an Italian native speaker and my main work languages are English and German, but I always work with a team of freelance professionals to cover all other possibly required foreign languages.
I achieved a 4-years degree in Conference Interpreting at the Scuola Superiore di Lingue moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori in Forlì (University of Bologna).
I started for a bet and without planning too much, now I am an Interpreter, a Translator, as well as a mother of three and I have a dream: establishing successful, happy, friendly and positive relationships with clients, making communication in foreign languages easier and effective.
I like having my hands on practical things, I like accurate work, I like my job because it enables me to acuire knowledge in various fields, even though this also means I cannot get an in-depth knowledge in all fields; I like the idea I always have something to learn.
I am curious, I enjoy working in a team and strive for high quality, I like challenges and adrenaline.
I love working with languages and share experience and skills, passion and visions.

This is my new website and I hope you’ll like it!

Interpreting and Translating

coffee mug computer workWhat does Translation mean? What’s the difference between Translating and Interpreting?

In general, TRANSLATING means transposing something that has been said in a language (source language) into another language.

More specifically, translating differs from interpreting as it means transposing a written text, whereas interpreting implies transposing a speech. While the Translator is “invisible”, the Interpreter is “visible” and his/her task is to enable “immediate” communication, as he/she identifies him/herself with the speaker and delivers his/her thoughts and opinions with the same intensity and nuances.


SIMULTANEOUS interpreting: the interpreter works, with a colleague, in a sound-proof interpreting booth. The speaker speaks into the microphone and the interpreter – using a headset to listen to the speaker – delivers the original speech in another language, virtually simultaneously.

CONSECUTIVE interpreting: the interpreter writes down notes during the speech and then delivers the original speech in the target language.

CHUCHOTAGE: (from the French chuchoter, to whisper) is an alternative technique to regular simultaneous interpreting and it can be used in case no simultaneous interpreting equipment is available. The interpreter whispers into his/her (necessarily) restricted audience’s ears.

BUSINESS (B2B or liaison) interpreting: It is used for business meetings, negotiations or guided tours when the interpreter “mediates” between people speaking two different languages in a consecutive way, without using any conference interpreting equipment.


mac & iPhone on desk

  • Technical translations (manuals, instructions, certificates, patents, etc.)
  • Website translation and localization
  • Economic and legal translations (commercial texts, contracts, technical specifications, etc.)
  • Financial and accounting translations (balance sheets, articles of associations, etc.)
  • Marketing and advertising translations
  • Asseveration, authentication, apostille
  • Simultaneous interpreting and chuchotage (conferences, training courses, meetings)
  • Consecutive interpreting (conferences, training courses, meetings)
  • B2B interpreting (business meetings, conference calls, etc.)
  • International/foreign trading services (email translation, phone/conf calls, business trips)

Any questions on a specific service you need? Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information you may require.

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