Please switch off your mike when you pee – I’m listening with circumaural headphones

Do you know what is another nice thing I happen to experience at work?Speakers’ relationship with the microphone.

But also Listeners’ relationships with their headphones.

Have you ever experienced the following?

– Speaker takes mike to bathroom and you only realize it when you hear the flush in your headphones.

– Speaker puts the polar cardioid pattern headset microphone (the one with no headphones in the picture) inside of his/her ear instead of around the ears – Jeeezzz, doesn’t it terribly hurt?

– Speaker wears the headset microphone as a necklace and turns his/her head to look at the slide – and you can’t hear his/her voice any more.

The same happens when the speaker is using a table microphone and turns his/her head to read the slides behind him/her.

– Speaker puts the mike right under his/her nose and you have what I would call a “Dart-Vader effect” in your headphones when he/she’s breathing.

– Listener replaces conference headphones with his/her own headphones. Most of the times they’re the white iPhone ones, but there are some tough people using huge circumaural headphones. Professionals.

– Listeners fall asleep while listening to translation.

Interpreters have the time of their life.


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Translator & Interpreter