Sara Borchiellini
Interprete e Traduttrice Freelance

My name is Sara Borchiellini, Interpreter and Translator. I am Italian and English, German and French are my working languages. I fell in love with English when, at the boarding school, my first English teacher used to write the first words on the blackboard and pronounce them. Those words came into my life for the first time. I had a crush that turned into love when my older brother let English rock records play: I used to listen and repeat, while trying to imitate the sound of this wonderful language. I have nurtured this love over time and widened my language knowledge by learning French and German at school and at the university, where I studied to become what I am now: a freelance interpreter and translator, passionate about languages and for my job.

I can help your company thrive in international relationships, I can help you communicate in countries you can’t speak the language of, in order to build bridges for a greater success of your project abroad. I will be on your side to find the right words in the foreign language you need.


Why chose me? 

  • Because being in touch with the person who will actually deal with your texts or your partners is vital for a direct, easy and effective communication, thus avoiding misunderstanding and loss of information: I will personally take care of every aspect to meet your requirements.
  • Beacuse you will be in safe hands: I study hard to improve my preparation, constantly, from all points of view. Working with me will be a rewarding exeprience, an experience you will enjoy.
  • Because I’ll work on your side with social intelligence, ready to listen, understand and meet – with tact and talent – your communication needs in a foreign language.