Sara Borchiellini, Freelance Interpreter and Translator
Italian is my native language and my work languages are English and German.

About me

My name is Sara Borchiellini, I am a Freelance Interpreter and Translator. Italian is my native language and my work languages are English and German.

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From interpreting to translation, business meetings and content curation. Discover all the services I csn offer.

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My services

100% Interpreting

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting

100% Interpreting

English-German translation/interpreting (and viceversa, without Italian relais)


Whispered interpreting

Business meetings

Liaison or B2B interpreting for negotiations


Technical and specialized translation.

Sworn translations

Sworn/certified translations.




More in-depth proofreading to improve text effectiveness.


Adapting the translated text to a specific target culture.


Writing down spoken texts

Language classes

Individual or group language classes.

Content curation in Italian, English and German

Searching and selecting contents to strengthen brand image.

Sales Dept. support services

To find new markets for your Company.

Booths and systems

For simultaneous interpreting.


Interpreters/translators teams for different languages.

Sara is a very careful and meticulous interpreter and colleague with a long-standing experience in the technical and automotive sector. She has been working as a simultaneous and consecutive interpreter for many years and she has always turned out to be highly professional, discrete and flexible. Communicating at international events will be a success with her.

Marzia S.

I have worked with Sara Borchiellini for many years as a simultaneous interpreter.
Sara is an always well prepared, reliable, extremely professional colleague and working with her is a pleasure.
She never loses her concentration even in the most stressful and though situations.

Kerstin G.

Sara Borchiellini is a skillful translator and talented person who helped me speak to Italian audiences on a couple of occasions last year. I was not used to working with a translator and sometimes raced ahead in English and not pausing as often as I should have for translation. But Sara kept up, translating my ideas in a way that was true to their spirit. I knew she had done a good job because the audience had to an exercise based on my instructions. Thanks to Sara, they did an excellent job.

John H.

I have worked with Sara for several years now and I think she is an excellent interpreter, who was able to grow and promote her business. She i salso a reliable, responsive and collaborative person.

Vania S.

We have worked with Sara for years and we have always been very satisfied.
She has always been very well prepared and tackled any situations with great professional skills and flexibility. This has always been confirmed by our customers’ positive feedback. Her fast reply to our job requests enabled us to work efficiently, which is a key factor for our business. We can certainly say that Sara is among our most important partners.

Maura B.

I have the honor and pleasure of working with Sara since 4 years now and I really appreciate her humorous personality as well as great professional skills. She loves her job and takes care of each an every detail related to her interpreting tasks, improving constantly. These skills have also been confirmed by our Dealers’ Network Technicians, for which she translates during technical training classes.

Enrico L.

I have worked with Sara for ten years now and I like to think I have helped her embark in this journey. When I met her, she was new to the business, but she already had the necessary skills: commitment, competence and the talent it takes to be a skilled professional. Together with these abilities, she has now a 10-years on-field experience. You can’t go wrong if you choose her!

Alberto R.