A one-day-out-interpreting bag

I’m so late with my weekly post this week…to much to do and not enough inspiration/time!What are your must-haves when you go out for an interpreting day?

Here is a list of my bag essentials. I usually have two bags with me, actually, a big one for laptop etc. and a smaller one I take with me during breaks. So, here we go:

– Laptop, iPhone, iPad (only if necessary, as an alternative to my laptop, depending on the job type)
– USB memory stick (for additional documentation, .ppt presentations, files, etc.)
– adaptor jack for headphones (sometimes you have to compensate for missing parts in the booth)
– personal headphones (in case the existing ones are not working properly)
– business cards (to be handed out to clients or colleagues if necessary)
– battery chargers (iPad, iPhone, MacBook)
– battery charger adapter (car cigarette lighter adapter: vital for smartphones)
– toothbrush and toothpaste
– pens, pencils, markers (for note-taking)
– pencil sharpener
– capacitive pen (for iPad note-taking)
– small hairbrush
– safety pins (MacGyver told me what to do with them)
– cosmetic bag mirror
– lip balm
– cigarette lighter (even if I don’t smoke now, it can be useful for other people during the cigarette/coffee break)
– keys with jack-knife keychain (don’t think I am a criminal, so far I have only used it to cut cakes and threads)
– small notebook (old-fashioned but vital)
– internet key (I would be lost without a connection)
– eye drops for contact lenses
– glasses
– thermos (for a nice cup of tea in winter)
– fruit (for snacks)
РViavà (for lunch emergencies)
– antinflammatory (for unexpected headache)
– ATM card and cash
– scarf (can be used for different purposes, among which to hide stains on your shirt)

did I miss anything?
Oh, of course!

– brain (wich is not always to be taken for granted)

Have a great weekend!


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Translator & Interpreter