Another Nerdity: Webinars

Hi there!
I have recently tested out a ProZ Webinar and I found it pretty good.
I know it’s quite a bit of a nerdity, again, because I have attended it locked up in my bedroom, sitting on a stool with my computer on a chest of drawers, with headphones on, girls screaming and trying to break down the door, pasta al forno with gorgonzola and mushrooms waiting in the oven…but, hey, it was 7 p.m. and we usually have dinner at that time…
Notwithstanding the mess surrounding me, I managed to listen to the webinar and EVEN ask the speaker questions.
The webinar I attended was entitled “Technical translation: Finding the right terminology” and here are my comments!
I found the webinar a bit too “general” from certain points of view and not exactly practical for my language combination (it was mainly about English-French equivalents), but here are some bullet points I jotted down:
– Be careful about errors in the translation: your translation could lead to accidents! remember that a person will be using the translation to work, sometimes to perform dangerous operations.
– MemoQ: This CAT tool has a useful function to check consistency, this function can turn out to be crucial especially for numbers, as technical translations are filled with technical data.
– Dragon Naturally Speaking – the voice recognition software – can be used with MemoQ, SDL Studio, Word.
– Kudoz – a good idea might be to follow them regularly to keep up with terminology updates and to get more skilled.
– Context: it is extremely important to understand the material you are translating, therefore you have to get as much info as possible. If you can, ask the client! 
And the same applies to acronyms: guessing their meaning is risky. Again, if you have the chance, ask the client!
– When you google a term to perform a search, beware of foreign authors, make sure the are native speakers when you get a solution for that term, often website contents are drafted by non-native speakers (especially when it comes to English).
– Very true: companies often have their own terminology, so when in doubt, ask the company (if you can).
– Print out tables and charts to make sure you can get the same layout in the target text (sometimes CAT tools do spoil them seriously).
And finally…do you know the difference between welding and soldering? 
…’cause I won’t tell you! 
I said webinars are another nerdity because, as you know, there is actually almost no social side to them…microphones are mute for the attendants and you can only write questions on a board, waiting for the speaker to read and possibly answer them…quite “cold”.
But, in the end…still useful!

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