Back with the baby!

Hi everyone, 
I’m finally back home with a newborn baby, I just wanted to say hallo to everybody, we’re just fine!
Of course during these few days (she was born on May 24th) I realized how life goes on anyway and is not waiting for anybody! 
I experienced how giving birth to a baby in 2014 – the smartphone and social media era – is. I had enough energies to whatsapp my friends and send a few work emails from the hospital bed…which is something I didn’t really enjoy, but apart from a few things I still have to keep doing for work, I finally have the opportunity to sniff my baby’s head and cover her with kisses and hugs, which gets me real high – I have to admit.
I realized that a third baby is an energy and efficiency booster even more than the previous babies. I realized that I have to make the most of the time I have while she’s sleeping, for myself, my family and others (work included). And luckily enough I still have the chance to do it, as the birth was very quick and easy.
And I realized I can even have a few minutes to write a blog post 😉
Kisses and hugs,

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