Don’t forget your pockets

Ok, I have to tell you this, because a few days ago I was out for a consecutive interpreting + chuchotage assignment and I realized how important pockets and bags are to me.
I was supposed to be translating from a stage for about two hours, while sitting on a sofa with the speakers. This implied I had no chance to take my Mary-Poppins bag (containing loads of useful stuff, such as iPhone, iPad, notebooks, pens, tissues, my daughters’ toys, etc.) with me: first of all I had to take a selection of useful tools with me on the sofa and I opted for iPad, notebook, two pens, one paper tissue. 
Secondly, I was invited to put my bag into a locker, but I had no pockets or bags to put the locker key, nor for the precious tissue I had to take with me (spring makes my nose run constantly) and therefore I decided to put it between iPad and notebook. 
Let’s not mention the fact that the tissue fell inadvertently to the floor during the briefing with the speakers and one of them picked it up stating “Oh, this might turn out to be veeery useful!” and put it in his pocket before I could utter the words “it’s MINE and I have no spare tissues, please don’t do this to me”…
The best part of it all is that I had to put the key into my boot, as I was afraid to lose it and have no access to the locker containing my bag. I thought about hanging it to my necklace or wearing it as a ring, but I finally opted for my black Gestapo-like boot. For the pleasure of the person that used key No. 30 after me, it remained under my right foot for 2 hours.

This made me realize how important it is for me to have at least one tiny pocket or a small cross-body bag with me – especially in such venues and events where you cannot take many things with you, just slightly more than your brain.

Don’t forget your pockets!


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