iPhone Detox

My iPhone is kaputt and I now have to survive a week or more without it.
I suddenly realized how addicted I am to that dreadful, yet powerful device.
I suddenly realized that my daily activities go hand in hand with technology, especially thanks to virtual communication.
On the other hand, since I am now using an older mobile phone, I realized that most of our business and personal communication is mostly written.
My phone is not ringing very often, for sure not as it was during the last few days when Whatsapp was still working on my iPhone…is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Also, having everything in one device made me forget my Reflex, which I suddenly reconsidered today, as I want to take some decent pictures later tonight.
This is very positive!

It looks like I’m experiencing an iPhone Detox…

It’s not that bad, after all…

(I must confess I compensate a lot with laptop and iPad…but it’s a secret, don’t tell anybody!)


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