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Hi again!
some time ago I wrote about my loyal work companions for consecutive interpreting and I said I would write a post on the useful Apps I have.
Today I was reading an interesting post by a colleague working for the European Commission here and I found it very inspiring. So inspiring that it urged a Switch2.itian post.
Maybe you already know and use most of these Apps, but it’s worth mentioning them nonetheless…

1. Interplex (this one): a very useful simultaneous interpreting companion in the booth, not bad at for consecutive interpreting too, if you have the App for Ipad or Iphone too.
It manages your own glossaries in a very smart way.

2. For iPad, Bamboo Paper and/or Penultimate (I prefer Bamboo Paper, but my kids love Penultimate) with Bamboo Stylus for note taking (Hey, I know what you think: no, unfortunately they have nothing to do with Bob Marley’s or Jamaican Big Bamboos, girls…). If you do not want to spend too much on a capacitive pen, you can make your DIY version, I’ve made that too. So any ape can do it. Just google it and you’ll find tons of info on how to create your homemade stylus and, by the way, sometimes it works better that the official ones.

3. The Zanichelli Bros, i.e. my language combination dictionary Apps.

4. Linguee, perfect for my language combination, I use it quite a lot.

5., the ultimate radio revolution for me! when I am not listening to my own boring voice repeating glossaries while driving as I told you some time ago, I listen to some radio in a foreign language.

These Apps are not strictly related to interpreting per se, but they are useful to me:

6. Pronto Treno to catch your ride back home

7. The App to find a place to sleep

Aaaaand that’s it more or less. These are my App Essentials!

I have to admit I should also improve my Video and Podcast libraries in order not to depend too much on internet connections, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment on this post!


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