Bouncin’ translations

bouncing transaltions

Have you ever thought about bouncing on a really big ball while sitting at your desk at work?

This article describes an original idea to foster muscular activity and posture while translating (or doing whatever you have to do in front of a computer).

You sit at you desk all day long, you know how important it is to keep a correct posture and avoid uncomfortable positions. An ergonomic chair has to be functional, but also ensure comfort: when you are comfortable in your chair, you are more productive.

You perfectly know there are many types of ergonomic chairs, and you have already tested several different options over time: ergonomic kneeling chairs and stools, office chair with armrests and adjustable back support, breathable mesh seats, etc. haven’t you?

But you have probably not tested the ultimate translator’s nerdity yet. The latest discovery I made, which is about a totally different chair: the gym ball. Yep, I’m not kidding. The gym ball. All Technogym’s employees do use one as a chair and I assume it is very healthy and fitness-oriented if they do (their version is not exactly cheap, though). However, the principle is very interesting and I decided to have a go.

I bought a pretty standard 65 cm gym ball at Decathlon and I am really enjoying the benefits of bouncing in front of my desk. It really is fun and comfortable and good for my posture. Basically, the ball is a sort of dynamic chair that prevents lumbar pain caused by the same posture kept for a long time. Thanks to the ball, your lumbar muscles as well as your abs (the so-called CORE muscles) will make „micro-movements“ to stabilize your spine and this will improve your posture.

Just make sure the ball is the size you need (I’m 1.70 m tall, so a 65er is fine for me, whereas a 75er would be good for a taller person, like a 1.80 m tall person), because your legs should bend with a 90° angle when sitting on the ball.

Also make sure the desk is high enough, so that you won’t be sitting hunched…

My piece of advice: you don’t necessarily have to ban your chair from your life, I would suggest you to use ball and chair alternatively, to ensure a more dynamic sitting experience.

Everything checked?

Now you are ready for a happy and bouncing translation session!

Have fun!


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