Learning while driving, i.e. the ultimate interpreter’s nerdity

Ok, I drive a lot. Maybe I am not an environment-friendly interpreter, but on the other hand
I am not lucky enough to be able to jump on a train every day to get to my work destinations – which always happen to be in the middle of nowhere, where cows, sheep and many other nice and bucolic things are.
So, I realized I spend lots of time with my hands on the steering wheel (actually I have to shift gears from time to time, since my car has no automatic transmission…) and I somehow feel I am sort of “wasting” that time.
I usually listen to music, sing “Me and Bobby McGee” along with Janis Joplin (arousing the interest of lorry drivers), listen to Ruggito del Coniglio or Sei Uno Zero or to the news…but although it is relaxing and entertaining, I still felt I could do something more that that.
I quit trying to send emails and long messages with my phone, because it was too dangerous, I abandoned the idea I could knit or sew, I gave up smoking.
What else could I do?
Well, since I have a quite relevant nerd-portion to my brain, I decided to listen to recorded glossaries, power point presentations, manuals and pdf documents.
Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what I often do.
When I feel I need to study hard for an interpreting assignment I record some voice memos on my iPhone and I listen to them ad libitum while driving.
Whether it works or not, I leave the final judgement to my clients 🙂

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