Like Inserting a Sleeve

I have several hobbies and I cannot practice 99,9% of them most of the time due to…lack of spare time…
One of my favorite hobbies is sewing. Yes, that very old-fashioned thing you do with needle, thimble, thread, etc. – so granny-style (someone once told me that I should have been born 50 years ago and I would have perfectly fitted to that era – maybe it’s true).

I learn a lot while sewing too.

A few days ago, I was desperately trying to insert a sleeve of a boxy jacket I am sewing for myself. Inserting a sleeve is one of the most difficult steps for a beginner like me and there are a few rules or “guidelines” you can follow to do it right, but in the end there are no universal instructions or calculations that will ensure your sleeve will be perfect: you just feel when you are doing it right and you are also totally aware when you are inserting it so-so.
While looking at my so-so sleeve I thought that every job is pretty much the same: you never have the “formula” to do it right, but you can realize when you’re doing it well and when you might have done much better (“oh, I could have said this instead of that…!”).
Well, in the end I am never fully satisfied after I’ve finished my (interpreting) jobs, as there is always something that I think I can improve…but at the same time I think that this is the only way to grow up and improve, isn’t it?

Maybe one day I will perfectly insert a sleeve while perfectly translating the most complicated speech.

Who knows?


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