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Today I was thinking that… being a mother and working as a translator and as an interpreter is a great thing in the end, because of course you’ve got very stressful days when you are out of the office – and therefore away from home for 12 or 14 hours a day – but there are also some days, like today, when you work from home.
Usually I prefer working away from home, because when I work somewhere else I know that when I come back home it’s finished, it’s done (unless I have to do some translation work).
However, today was one of those Work-From-Home Days.
When I woke up this morning I miraculously found about 15 minutes time for the stuff I need to do for me, like having a shower and getting dressed (and of course putting on some makeup too, as I deeply respect the people that I encounter on the road and when I take my girls at school: I don’t want to scare anybody)… Then my two girls woke up: and I was expecting the same old story that happens almost every day, i.e. They start asking thousands of things in their querulous tone and they complain about almost everything… But today it was different. The very first thing my oldest daughter told me was: “Mommy, you’re at home today!?!?!” And huge smile appeared on her face…she was utterly surprised to see me an not her grandparents.
I mean, just this little thing made my Translator’s Day At Home a great day!Plus, she entrusted me with her little crocodile: she asked me whether I was working from home today and I said yes, so she put her crocodile next to my computer and then told me: “Can you please take care about him while I’m at school, mommy? Can you stay close to him?”
So here I am, taking care of my daughter’s crocodile while writing my translation…which makes my day a great day 🙂


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